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There are many ways that the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, as a congregation, are able to share their witness as religious and their spirituality with others. In addition to the ministry in their Franciscan Communities and elsewhere, there is their ministry of prayer that has been and continues to be a source of strength and consolation for those with whom they come in contact.

There is now a designated program that will provide another opportunity for them to share their prayer with others. It is the Mother Mary Theresa Dudzik Spiritual Enrollment Program. The cards can be used for any occasion, such a memorials and tributes. A one-year enrollment is $15.

A Mass will be offered in the Motherhouse chapel once a month for all those enrolled in the program. These individuals are automatically included in the daily prayers of the Sisters when they pray for "those who have asked for our prayers".

To order a Spiritual Enrollment card  
call (630) 243-3556 


Spiritual Enrollment

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