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Time, talent, treasure: How to give to The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago


Financial Support

Gifts to The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago can be directed to the Development Department. Opportunities include our Unrestricted Fund (directed to wherever the need is greatest), the Retirement Fund, and the Legacy Fund. All gifts for memorials, tributes, and special intentions are sent to the Legacy Fund, our endowment. There, your gift keeps giving in perpetuity, and through your generosity, others will be helped, including our infirm and retired Sisters.

Here are some common ways our donors have provided for the Sisters:

  • Through outright unrestricted gifts of cash — the most common way of giving.

  • Through non-cash gifts such as services and goods which either reduce our expenses or generate income. We are limited through policy and law as to what non-cash gifts we can accept, so be sure to check first.

  • Through bequests -there are several ways to include The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago in your will. Please tell us if you've included us in your will so that we can properly thank you.

  • Through gifts of stock, insurance, and other assets.

  • Through gifts of real estate and personal property — but check with us first, please.

  • Through instruments such as an annuity, which will provide for income for the donor until his or her death.


All gifts are promptly acknowledged and include IRS information. All gifts are also acknowledged in  "Crossroads", the newsletter of The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago.


Additional Opportunities

Our Spiritual Enrollment Cards are also available and provide daily remembrance in the prayers and Masses of The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago for one year. Click here.

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