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12th Annual Swinging for the Sisters
Golf Outing 


The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago held their 12th annual Swinging for the Sisters Golf Outing on June 16, at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club in Lemont. There was a great turnout this year as 110 golfers attended. 

The golfers began the day with breakfast prepared by the staff at Ruffled Feathers. They then lined up in their golf carts to get ready to go to their assigned starting hole. Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik, General Minister of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago joined by Sister M. Francis Clare Radke, thanked the golfers for participating in the event and then wished them good luck. After a long day of golf, the golfers were served lunch and won prizes in a raffle and money in the split-the-pot contest. All donations received will help support the Sisters and their ministries.

The Sisters thank all who participated, volunteered, and the following generous sponsors and donors:


The golf outing was held at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club in Lemont.

Sr. M. Francis Clare Radke, Sr. M. Bernadette Bajuscik, and Vicki Olsen welcome the golfers to the golf outing and wish them good luck. 


The golfers lined up in their golf carts before the outing started.


Sr. Jeanne Marie Toriskie and Sr. Emilie Marie Lesniak helped with golf shirts at the registration table. 

Respect Sponsors:  Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP (Kathie Murray), LSV Asset Management (Tracy Bolger), and Welcome Home Software (John Laricca)

Service Sponsors:  Airdo Werwas (Michael Airdo, Molly Werwas), Assurance Agency LLC (John Storto), D.A. Davidson & Co. (Amy Hayman), O’Hare Mechanical (Jeffrey Gurosh, Tom Gregory)

Dedicated Sponsors:  American Realty Advisors (Jay Butterfield), Unidine Corporation (Richard B. Schenkel)

Joyful Giver Sponsor:  PamSki Solutions (Pam & Duane Skrzynski)

Golf Ball Sponsor:  The Flooring Guys (Tom Hastings)

Also thank you to the following Hole Sponsors & Donors:  American Realty Advisors, Apostrophe Design, Inc., Birk Plumbing, Boston Trust Walden, D.A. Davidson & Co., The Flooring Guys, FM Finance and Information Technology Team (Dan Noonan), John Grele, Kenwood Liquor, Lithographic Communications, LLC, LSV Asset Management, Markiewicz Funeral Home, Meany, Inc., PamSki Solutions, O’Hare Mechanical, Peppers Lemont Auto Care, Robert W. Baird and Co., TSW, Unidine Corporation, and Welcome Home Software


(Left and Center) 110 golfers came out to participate in the outing this year.  (Right)  Thank you to Sister Nancy Houlihan for participating in the 'Beat the Nun' challenge this year.


(Left) Team Lucas Brothers pose for a photo before lunch at the golf outing. (Right)  After golfing, the teams enjoyed dinner. 


Team Lantry won the best round at the outing this year. 


The staff from Madonna Foundation volunteered at the event this year. 

Foursome Photos - To get a copy of your foursome group photo, click on your photo below and then click 'save as' to save a copy.   

Team 1.jpg

Team 1 - Accel Entertainment

Team 3.jpg

Team 3 - Assurance

Team 5.jpg

Team 5 - Birk Plumbing

Team 7.jpg

Team 7 - Flooring Guys

Team 9.jpg

Team 9 - J. Hassert

Team 12.jpg

Team 12 - Lantry

Team 14.jpg

Team 14 - Mayor's Team

team 16.jpg

Team 16 - Metropolitan

team 18.jpg

Team 18 - Plante Moran

team 20.jpg

Team 20 - Sosin, Arnold and Schoenbeck


Team 22 - Synergy

team 24a.jpg

Team 24 - US Bank

team  26a.jpg

Team 26 - WTW

Team 28.jpg

Team 28 - Matrex

Team 2.jpg

Team 2 - AG

Team 4.jpg

Team 4 - Big Co.

Team 6.jpg

Team 6 - Caring Community

Team 8.jpg

Team 8 - Flooring Guys - 2

team 11.jpg

Team 11 - Franciscan Ministries

team 13.jpg

Team 13 - Lucas Brothers

team 15.jpg

Team 15 - Meany Electric

team 17.jpg

Team 17 - Mueller

team 19.jpg

Team 19 - O'Hare Mechanical

team 21.jpg

Team 21 - Storcom

team 23.jpg

Team 23 - Unidine

team 25 a.jpg

Team 25 - Wintrust

Team 27.jpg

Team 27 - Zentel Tech

Team Airdo.jpg

Team 29 - Airdo Werwas

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