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General Chapter 2023

The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago Plan for the Future of the Congregation

In a spirit of prayer and faithfulness to the God of all grace, the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago met in Chapter June 20-21, 2023, at Our Lady of Victory Convent to plan for the future of the congregation. Several important decisions were made by the nine delegates, not the least of which was to extend the term of the current General Leadership Team.


Other decisions require approval from the Vatican. We hope to receive word of those approvals in the coming months at which time we will be able to share more information with you.


While we wait, know that we are grateful for your prayerful support and ask you to continue praying our Chapter Prayer with us. Be assured of our continued prayers as well.

Our current leadership team:  

Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik, General Minister

Sister Jeanne Marie Toriskie, General Vicar

Sister M. Helene Galuszka, General Councilor

The theme of this General Chapter was titled "Fathfulness On the Journey

The Sisters  met in Marian Hall from June 20 to June 22 for General Chapter.  General Chapter happens every 5 years. 


Sister Jean Therese Jarosz and Sister Diane Marie Collins sign in as delegates as part of the opening ritual to the General Chapter.


(From left to write) Sr. Jeanne Marie Toriskie sign and Sr. Emilie Marie Lesniak sign in as delegates as part of the opening ritual to the General Chapter.. Sr. M. Bernadette Bajuscik gives Sr. Doloria Kosiek her prayers and blessings. 


Mass was held in Sacred Heart Chapel in Our Lady of Victory Convent.


Sr. Jean Therese Jarosz votes during the General Chapter elections. 


(Above) This Franciscan Tau artwork was on display during the General Chapter.  (Right) A group photo of some of the Sisters who attended General Chapter.

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