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The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago formed a singing group called 'Daybreak' in the 1970's. This group travelled and sang for many people at parishes, schools and churches. They also recorded two albums during this time called 'A New Kind of Freedom' and 'On the Way.' The album covers were designed by Sister Mary Sponsa Bajorek.

Below you can see images of the original album artwork as well as thirty second song samples.

A New Kind of Freedom: Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik, Sister Diane Marie Collins, Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak, Sister Jean Therese Jarosz, Sister Joan Klimek, Sister Kathleen Melia, Sister Linda Marie Hughes, Sister Lora Ann Slawinski, and Sister Maureen Battista Tuohy


2. Wake, My Soul

3. Reconciliation

4. Our Father

5. Lord, Why Do You Call?

6. New Kind of Freedom
7. You Must Be There, My Lord

8. Barefoot in the Snow

9. Ave Maria

10. You Are a Favored Dughter

11. You Have Touched Me

12. Lord Jesus Christ

On the Way (Original Songs by Sr. Kathleen Melia): Sister Margaret Grempka, Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak, Sister Jane Madejczuk, Sister Beatrice Hernandez, Sister Mary Sponsa Bajorek, Sister Dawn Louise, Sister Diane Marie Collins, Sister Margaret Mary Peckenpaugh, Sister Mary Rosalima Sierocki, Sister Mary Francetta Glowinski, Sister Francis Clare Radke, Sister Joan Klimek, and Sister Kathleen Melia.

1. On My Way

2. Hush, My Child

3. Manteno

4. Our Father

5. Honey Hair

6. From My Window

7. No Such Things As Clouds

8. Prayer of St. Francis

9. I Knew a Child

10. Going' Down the Ohio Turnpike

11. Lonely Little Town

12. Have I Grown Old?