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The Franciscan Federation, a national organization founded in 1965 to promote Franciscan Evangelical Life, held its annual conference on June 19-22 in Indianapolis, Indiana. This year’s theme was entitled “Responding to God’s Love, A Franciscan Moral Vision.” The attendees enjoyed three days of presentations and seminars regarding Franciscan ideals and values and also the presentation of the Peacemaker Award.

The Peacemaker Award is an annual award which has a different set criteria every year. Every congregation nominates one person who then receives the honor. This year's requisites for the award are for a Sister or Brother who reflects the beauty and virtue of God through artistic expression. This year the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago nominated Sister M. Francis Clare for her artistic contributions over the years as a Sister and General Minister with the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago.

Previous Franciscan Sisters of Chicago honorees:

  • Sister M. Claudiana Jachimowicz (2005)
  • Sister Theresa Mary Obremski (2007)
  • Sister M. Andrea Puchalaski (2011)
  • Sister Georgeann Kinel (2012)
  • Sister M. Gabriel Lazarski (2013)
  • Sister Doloria Kosiek (2014)

Over the years, Sister M. Francis Clare has contributed her artistic talents through liturgical environment design. She often worked with architects, interior designers, and artists, playing a key role in the construction and furnishing of many of the chapels in our eldercare facilities throughout the Midwest. These inspiring places of worship empower seniors who are living there so they may find peace in these uplifting spiritual spaces. She continues to refresh Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel at the Motherhouse with fresh flowers and decorations aligned with the liturgical year.

Sister M. Francis Clare once said, “I love beauty. It's important that the environment is relaxing, prayerful, and can lead to contemplation. I feel like I have a gift that should be shared.”

Thank you Sister M. Francis Clare for your wonderful artistic vision and the beautiful displays you create that inspire us all!