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The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago held their annual Autumn Dinner Dance on October 20th at DiNolfo’s Banquets in Homer Glen, Illinois. This year the guests enjoyed dinner, a prize raffle and live music by the Together Band. The Golden Thread Award was also presented at the start of the evening. The Golden Thread Award is bestowed upon an individual whose loyal and faithful commitment has enabled the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago to continue their ministries.

This year’s Golden Thread Award winner was Adeline Galuszka. Mrs. Galuszka has been a longtime supporter and donor of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago for over 50 years and is also the mother of Sister M. Helene Galuszka, a Franciscan Sister of Chicago and current General Councilor on the FSC leadership team. Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik, FSC General Minister, presented the award to Mrs. Galuszka and addressed the dinner dance attendees with her speech: “It was the thought of Mother Mary Theresa Dudzik that people who helped her in her work were like golden threads. The golden threads were solid, strong and a valuable part of the fabric of the life and future of the Sisters. This year’s awardee has been supporting the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago for well over 50 years, starting back in the 60’s when she was an officer of the Madonna High School Mother’s Club. Besides her continued support over all these years, our awardee gave the Sisters her greatest gift, her daughter. It is my great pleasure and honor to announce this year’s Golden Thread awardee: Adeline Galuszka.” Mrs. Galuszka accepted her award in a very touching moment with Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik, Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak, Sister M. Francis Clare Radke, and her daughter, Sister M. Helene Galuszka.

The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago would like to thank all who attended the dinner dance and want to congratulate Adeline Galuszka on receiving the Golden Thread Award this year. The Sisters would also like to thank the generous underwriters who partnered with them to make the Autumn Dinner Dance a success.

George Ferrell and William Callaghan - Henry Bros. - For underwriting tonight’s reception
Judy Amiano - Franciscan Ministries - For underwriting the cost of the invitations
Ron Tinsley - Franciscan Ministries - For underwriting the Sisters attendance
John Storto - Assurance Agency - For underwriting the wine
Mary McManus - Oakridge Investments, LLC - For underwriting the postage

Thank you to our Sponsors: AG Architecture, Kay Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Budzyn,
Mr. and Mrs. William Crannell, Dr. Peter Doris, Mr. Chester Frostega, Elizabeth Garbrecht, Dolores Grantz,
Mr. and Mrs. John Grele, Cindy Hall, Joseph J. Duffy Co., Marie Kedzior, Elaine and Pat Lindia,
Frank and Fran Modelski, Mary Mosser, Don Naglich, Susan Parker, Roberta Parkhill, Sr. Lois Prebil, osf,
Ridge Landscape Services, Sandra Singer and Allan Kuse, Dr. James Strzyz
Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley LLC, Loretta Zurek