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Birthdays & Feastdays


February 1st - Sister Jeanne Marie Toriskie

February 1st - Sister M. Petronia Budzinski

February 27th - Sister Kathleen Melia

March 17th - Sister M. Colette Kwieczka

March 29th - Sister M. Dolorine Piwowarski

April 12th - Sister Jean Therese Jarosz

April 30th - Sister Diane Marie Collins


February 6th - Sister M. Dorothea Micek

February 7th - Sister M. Colette Kwieczka

February 18th - Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik

March 3rd - Sister Kathleen Melia

March 15th - Sister Lois Marie Rossi

March 19th - Sister M. Joella Bielinski

March 19th - Sister Joseph Marie Zenda

March 19th - Sister M. Josetta Kuczmarski